What is a Speech Language Pathologist?

A highly trained professional who evaluates and treats       children and adults who have difficulty with speech or         language. 

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, currently we accept United HealthCare, Children's Medical Services (CMS), Miami Children's Health Plan and Prestige. We also accept private pay. 

Can you come to my home, child's daycare or school to conduct evaluations and/or therapy?

Yes! There are several day cares and private schools that we partner with to provide services. If you would like us to become partners with your daycare, please give u a call.  

Home visits are not available at this time. 

What are some of the warning signs of a communication disorder?

  • ​Does not babble or attempt to talk by one year of age
  • No words produced consistently by 16 months
  • ​Delayed development of vocabulary, concepts and grammar​
  • Does not talk or uses more gestures than words by 2 years of age
  • ​Speech and Language is different from children of the same age​
  • Limited sound repertoire ​
  • Speech is difficult for strangers to understand​
  • Increased frustration during communication attempts
  • Increased need for repetition for response to commands, questions ​
  • Decreased interest in social situations by age 24 months​
  • Decreased eye contact
  • ​Delayed response time
  • ​Decreased need to communicate wants and needs to others
  • ​Lack of imitation skills​
  • Difficulty with transitions
  • ​Perseverative or repetitive behaviors
  • ​Loss of skills previously mastered

How are parents involved in evaluation and therapy?

During the evaluation process, we gather developmental history from parent/caregiver interviews to guide the initial assessment, write treatment goals and develop home programs. Clinicians provide feedback following each session. A Home Program, including suggested activities and other recommendations is provided regularly as a part of the treatment process. We believe that parents are their child's first and best teachers!

What areas do you service at this time?

Currently, we provide speech-language services in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Our office is located at 520 NW 165th Street, Suite 205, Miami, FL 33169

​How do I make an appointment or speak with a speech-language pathologist? 

Submit the form below or call us at 786-623-4053

Speech Therapy FAQ's