At Global Speech & Rehab Services our mission is to provide superior and professional speech therapy to all clients in an individualized and family-centered manner. We focus on the functional needs of each client in order to provide therapy in the most natural environments, such as therapy in the home and child-care center. We base our therapy model on the research that says daily interactions between parents or caregivers and their children have the greatest impact on the child! 

Welcome to Global Speech Rehab!

​​​​​​​​Global Speech & Rehab Services, LLC is a locally owned practice in South Florida. We are a team of professionals that specialize in a variety of communication disorders.

We specialize in working with children and adolescents and provide therapy in the school, home or child care centers. We strongly believe, as research suggests, that therapy in the child's natural is the most effective therapy practice. 

​We have over eight years of experience with typical developing children as well as children with special needs. We have worked with countless number of children and their families to make a real impact in their lives. Language is the foundation of learning; we help to bridge the gap for our youngest clients in need of our services. Early intervention leads to better results!  

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 Welcome to Global Speech and Rehab Services!

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